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At the eastern end of the Mediterranean, Syria is bounded by Turkey from the North, Iraq from the East, Jordan from the South, and has a part of its borders with Lebanon. It comprises four geographic regions: coastal, mountainous, the cultivated steppe, and the desert.
Area: 185,000 Km2 Population: 18 million.


There is no obligatory vaccination. Health conditions in Syria are sound and tap water is potable.


In spite of the negative image given by the Western media, one can travel and move freely day and night. Safety prevails in Syria.

Means of Transportation:

You can reach Syria by different means of transportation: by plane, railway, or by sea. There are “rent-a-car” agencies.

Syrian Dishes:

Kebab (minced grilled lamb meat). Kebbeh (burgul, walnuts and meat). Chaworma (sliced meat grilled on cone). Mechwi (grilled lamb fillet pieces). Mensef (burgul with meat). Falafel (fried chickpea). Homos (ground chickpea with sesame and olive oil). Confectionery (Baclawa and Loukoum). Drinks (Arab coffee, various beverages, local beer and wine, and Arak)


Syrian handicrafts have been famous for years. Still, this sector could withstand the challenges of modern industry and develop its own path, keeping its importance in the national economy. There is a wide variety of Syrian handicrafts that cover all of Syria. Among the most celebrated are the following:

• Textile industry of brocades, aghabani, rugs and tapestry.
• Woodworks: mosaics, carved wood, decorated wood with encrustation and paints.
• Glassworks: edged, blown, decorated and engraved.
Arms’ handicrafts, copper works, pottery jewelry, iconography, soap factories..

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