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Byblos TTA. Syria Cradle of Civilization. Aleppo Travel Agent

Byblos Tourism and Travel Agency was found in Aleppo, Syria in 1991 by two partners both seeking the highest levels of excellence at what they do. Through the continuous efforts diligence and dedication from both well chosen staff and administration, Byblos grew steadily to become one of the best famed and the biggest travel agencies in Syria. Our strong adherence to professionalism and the use of all modern tools of technology besides of our attachment to our values made our commitment to precision in delivering what we promise a sacred matter. As a matter of fact out of deep cultural conviction in generosity we believe that we should always offer a bit more than what has been agreed but never less.

Mission Statement:

Byblos TTA will work in pursuit of excellence to satisfy the needs of the travel community by offering its best service in order to convince customers why they should choose Byblos TTA. We at Byblos will encourage tourism in Syria and work towards inviting tourists to enjoy a memorable stay here through our experience and knowledge.

Why Syria?

We are trying to offer you highlights of a fascinating country that has been ignored -Syria. This country is proud of truly being the “Memory of Civilizations”. Its dust colored land is a road of continuous human presence, intense and diversified, where no description can pretend to be adequate enough. We invite you to visit a country of very old civilizations, the cradle of European beginnings. The discovery of history dating to ancient times will be easier understood by becoming acquainted with communities whose roots and traditions go back several millenniums.

With our team of specialists in history, religion, archeology, and tourism in general, we will be very happy to help you discover this legendary land. Besides, you will equally feel the hospitality, the familial links, and the amiable smiles of Syrian people. Your next experience here will be beyond description with unforgettable souvenirs and memories.


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